Louisburgh Concert 2019

The Mayo Male Voice Choir were pleased to be invited to sing at a concert to raise funds for the refurbishment and on-going upkeep of The Parochial Hall, Louisburgh.

The Parochial Hall is a great venue complete with a stage, stage lighting and curtains of which a comment was overheard “we managed to get the curtains last time. Maybe we can afford some toilet rolls this time!” Obviously tongue-in-cheek but we do hope that the MMVC was instrumental in going some way towards achieving that goal 🙂

The performances by the other participants were delightful, especially the children. Whilst we did get to see their performance in the warm-up session regrettably we could only hear them and Elaine during the concert as we were backstage. To hear was sufficient to know that the children and Elaine performed excellently and were well received.

The programme for the evening is shown below. After the performance the Choir were invited for refreshments in one of the upstairs rooms and we were amazed at the huge variety of tea cakes on offer! Quite stunning and delicious!

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